Saram (Queenfish)



Add a new recipe to your seafood cuisines after trying most prompt seafood in Karachi at one place likewise Saram (Queen Fish). It is commonly available at the stores throughout the year due to its versatile and abundant taste among all whitemeat. You may easily cope up the right amount of vitamin-A & D from this Queen Fish without gaining any extra calories.

(Good to saute with vegetables, tandoori fillets and etc)

DISCLAIMER: We weigh the fish first and then carry out cleaning process in which on average there is a loss of 35-40% of whole weight including head and tail. Therefore end weight delivered to the customer will be around 600-650 gm.

NOTE: Fish rates are defined with respect to their weights. For instance, queen fish weighting greater than 2 kgs costs different to what a less than 2 kg piece costs.

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