Dreamy Spark



An attire from the luxurious fragrances for mens only like a fine piece of artistic presence and a vibrant cozy vibe check to compliment your overall look. Dreamy Spark is a mixture of wooden cask, whisky, vanilla and the sweetness of a fruity cocktail. The middle tone of this amazing fragrance gets a touch of coconut and malt scotch. 

hat about a strong and rich aroma of woody notes then the dreamy Spark is the one you were looking for. Only two spray of this lovingly and refreshing fragrance is enough to keep you alive and sparkling all along the day. The essence of chosen flowers and nutmeg is the deadly combination to make this revolutionary fragrance an outflank at the most affordable perfume price in Pakistan.

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2.5g, 6g, 12g


D1, D2, D3, SIMPLE


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