Dhotar (Grunter)


The Grunter is known locally as Dhotar. It is a popular Pakistani fish which has numerous names including Barred Javelin, Grunter Bream, Spotted Javelinfish, Yellow-finned Javelin Fish, and more. Javelin Grunter is arguably one of the finest eating fish in Pakistan.

Dhotar is mainly used for Deep frying and Curry all over Pakistan and is a choice of many. Dhotar has pinkish white meat and with medium flakes and is odour-less when prepared. Dhotar head is also commonly used to make delicious curries.

Dhotar has all of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins such as Omega-3 fatty acid, zinc, iron vitamin B12 etc.

Disclaimer: We weigh the fish first and then carry out cleaning process in which on average there is a loss of 40-45% of whole weight including head and tail. Therefore end weight delivered to the customer will be around 550-600 gm

Note: Fish rates are defined with respect to their weights. For instance, grunter fish weighing greater than 1.5 kg costs different to what a less than 1.5 kg piece costs.

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