Dangri (Barramundi)



When it comes to the seafood in Pakistan we can’t miss adding Dangri to that list. The reason behind this appraisal is the unique and delicious taste of this fish that makes a clear cut difference among all. What if we say that it is one of the most versatile white meat that you could ever taste among all. Because the juiciest meat is enough to absorb all the spices and herbs that you want to add on during the cooking it’s all up to you.

(Good to green chili grill, fry, pulao and etc)

DESCLAIMER: We weigh the fish first and then carry out cleaning process in which on average there is a loss of 30-35% of whole weight including head and tail. Therefore end weight delivered to the customer will be around 650-700 gm.

NOTE:Fish rates are defined with respect to their weights. For instance, Dangri fish weighting greater than 2 kgs costs different to what a less than 2 kg piece costs.

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