Dangri (Barramundi)


Dangri has a gentle, mild flavor that makes it appealing for all the seafood lovers in Pakistan. internationally its known as Barramundi or Bhetki or Asian Sea Bass. The flesh of the fish is pearly pink in color and it has firm, large flakes and is easy to cook as it is low in fats as compared to its other mates. Dangri is pleasant to cook as it does not give out annoying strong odor, making it a favorite among people who want to wear the chef’s hat. The fish is widely used in culinary preparations throughout South Asia, and is quite versatile and can easily replace any other type of Grunter or Snapper in recipes.

Disclaimer: We weigh the fish first and then carry out cleaning process in which on average there is a loss of 30-35% of whole weight including head and tail. Therefore end weight delivered to the customer will be around 650-700 gm.

Note: Fish rates are defined with respect to their weights. For instance, Dangri fish weighing greater than 2 kgs costs different to what a less than 2 kg piece costs.

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