BANGARA (Indian Mackeral)



Want to try the most affordable seafood in Karachi? Here is the healthier and full of protein option for this winter that you may never miss with Bangara (Indian Mackerel). It is enriched with omega 3 that ensures to complete the fatty acid requirements of your body as it is full of protein. Therefore no need to worry about the nutritional facts that it contains as it is usually found both in the tropic and Asian region. 

No matter how expensive it is getting day by day you may still warm your taste buds with the exclusive and authentic taste of our fresh Bangara without any hustle or bustle. 

(Good to grill, fry, fillets and etc)

DISCLAIMER: We weigh the fish first and then carry out cleaning process in which on average there is a loss of 30-35% of whole weight including head and tail. Therefore end weight delivered to the customer will be around 650-700 gm

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